Why choose Disnet ?

Disnet is a 3PL that since 1991 offers a flexible service adapted to the needs of each client. The reason for being of Disnet is to assume all the logistical needs of our clients, adapting our work systems, organization and facilities to respond to their requirements with the maximum speed and reliability.

Our size and proximity places us within the reach of any organization, from small local companies to larger industrial organizations.


We act as the logistics department of your organization, in such a way that you do not have to invest in the necessary assets or in the hiring of personnel or in their management.

Cost reduction is one of the main reasons for hiring our services as a 3PL.

With our services, your logistics costs will become variable, so you will only pay for the services provided. If you move little you will pay little. Therefore, periods of low volume will cease to be a source of losses to compensate. In addition, you can lighten the structure of your company by focusing on the logistics strategy and not its execution. We take care of that.

logistica inversa

As 3PL, we can also manage your supply chain, so that your organization can free itself from the direct relationship with your suppliers, and we take care of this management. For example, we track your purchase orders until they arrive at our warehouses directly from your supplier.

With all this, you will save a great amount of time to focus on your core business and optimize your results.

In addition, orders with products stored in our warehouses will have much faster processing times. So the quality of service to your client will improve substantially.


We offer a comprehensive logistics service. In other words, our services encompass all processes and all relationships between customers and suppliers, with the aim of providing a common response to the needs of your supply chain.

To offer the highest quality of service to your customers, you must implement a comprehensive logistics chain where the information of your products and their movements are visible in real time. Also, the work does not end with the shipment of the order. Reverse logistics management is essential to provide a premium service.

At Disnet, like 3PL, we offer you all the resources and knowledge necessary to implement global management, guaranteeing complete transparency and traceability. For example, we can take care of end user service, component assembly, supply tracking, returns …

In addition, through our B2B web platform you can check the status of all your operations with us in real time. Being able to follow the operational KPIs of the integrated dashboard in our B2B.

ecomerce disnet

For more than 25 years we have been specialists in ecommerce.

Our processes fit perfectly into your supply chain in accordance with the requirements of electronic commerce. Ultimately, we take care of the transaction of goods and services between a buyer (your client) and a seller (your organization).

As an ecommerce specialist we become the warehouse of your online store. Receiving and storing your goods, we also control the stock and inventory, we manage the deliveries and returns of your customers directly with them.


Disnet has a multi warehouse WMS application , which allows us to process the specific information pertaining to the most diverse products and to properly manage material flows, as well as to have strict traceability of them.

Products are managed according to the queue criteria specified by each client:


We have a file exchange system (csv, txt, etc.) via FTP as well as connectivity via WebService (REST API, SOAP, XML …) to integrate with any external information system so that the information between the different agents of the supply chain flows in real time and without waiting.

All this allows us to give full visibility of the traceability of products and services in real time for our clients through our web platform.