Disnet – 3PL Logistics Operator for your supply chain

Disnet is made up of professionals with more than 35 years of experience in the logistics management of the outsourcing of supply chains. The team manages the processes with the knowledge and rigor necessary for the outsourcing of the logistics activities of any organization to be a success.

The members of the Disnet team stand out in their broad capacity to identify the needs of their clients and implement the necessary mechanisms to respond to them.

Aware of the continuous evolution of the sector, the Disnet team is in permanent continuous training. Looking for the forefront of knowledge in new strategies and methodologies for logistics operations.

The Disnet team guarantees a permanent logistics structure, which ensures that everything is ready when it is needed.

Services what we offer

At Disnet, in addition to standard services, we attend to any logistics need of our clients so that they do not have to deal, if they so wish, with any aspect related to the physical distribution of their products.

Merchandise reception

Handling of goods


Preparation of orders

Packaging – packing


Merchandise transports

Reverse logistics

Our priority is customer satisfaction

Why choose Disnet ?

Disnet is a 3PL that since 1991 offers a flexible service adapted to the needs of each client. The reason for being of Disnet is to assume all the logistical requirements of our clients, adapting our work systems, organization and facilities to meet their expectations with the maximum speed and reliability.

Our size and proximity places us within the reach of any organization, from small local companies to larger industrial organizations.

Cost savings

Cost reduction is one of the main reasons for hiring our services as 3PL

Strategic site

Strategic location with quick access to the main communication routes


All the information on your movements in real time

Multi warehouse WMS application

Management System that allows us to treat the most diverse products and maintain strict traceability of them. All the information of your movements online in real time.

rack locations
picking locations
ECommerce order capacity

Contact with Disnet

Our flexibility with our clients makes us adapt to your needs

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